The Secret World of Children

Hi, it’s Meri Wallace. I am a parenting expert and child & family therapist, write a blog for Psychology Today, and am the author of Birth Order Blues and Keys to Parenting Your Four-Year-Old.

It is with great joy that I announce the launch of my new book, The Secret World of Children, available now in paperback and eBook formats.

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The Secret World of Children acts as a life preserver for parents in a sea of confusion.

Children’s behavior can be baffling, terrifying, and utterly infuriating at times: from risky or obstinate behavior to explosive outbursts of rage. It’s easy for a parent to feel lost and hopeless about how to handle these situations. But fear not, for The Secret World of Children is here to guide you through the tumultuous journey of parenting.

A Message From Meri Wallace, LCSW

The Secret World of Children reveals to parents that these nine natural developmental issues weave their way from infancy to adolescence that are the underlying cause of their children’s challenging behaviors.

* Need for Love

* Curiosity

* Aggression

* Independence

* Urgent Wishes

* Impulsivity

* Living in the Moment

* Desire for Pleasure

* Fears and Anxieties

The advice offered in this book will help you feel calmer, and more in control, as you understand your child’s everyday behaviors. You will learn positive communication skills for responding to challenging behavior.          

The Secret World of Children will boost your confidence as a parent, diminish parent/child battles, and most importantly help you raise your child to feel loved.

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Meri Wallace LCSW is a parenting expert and child and family therapist, writes a blog for Psychology Today, and is the author of Birth Order Blues and Keys to Parenting Your Four-Year-Old. She has been a columnist for Sesame Street Parents Magazine and appears regularly on national television, radio shows, and podcasts including CNN.

Praise for The Secret World of Children

Crack the code on your child's most baffling behavior with the help of one of America's leading child and family therapists. Together, you and Meri Wallace LCSW will be helping to fix the world one child at a time.

—Susan Lapinski, former editor of Sesame Street Parents and Working Mother magazines

The Secret World of Children is the perfect guide to end your confusion and frustration about your children's behavior. It will help you understand the developmental reasons behind their behavior, help you take your foot off the “reactive” pedal, and begin to navigate your child’s behavior effectively.

—Eileen Shannon, long term nursery school teacher and graduate of Bank Street College of Education

I look back on my parenting experience and wish I had the understanding in this book, and the skills recommended, to handle all those daily challenging moments with my three children. It would have helped me to feel more self-confident and to handle my children better, and I don't doubt that it would have helped my children also.

 —Ingeborg Oppenheimer, clinical social worker and mother of three children

The Secret World of Children is an encyclopedic go-to handbook on how to love and support your children. Meri Wallace’s advice in this book has helped me to communicate more lovingly with my teenage daughters in a way that builds their self-esteem and brings us closer.

 —Ron Kastner, award winning Broadway and West End Producer, author of A Life Yet to Live, Finding Health, Vitality, and Joy after 60

As I have been raising my son, Meri Wallace's insightful approach to parenting described in The Secret World of Children, has helped me tremendously to understand him. She has been so skilled in teaching me loving words to use to manage the tough moments and has greatly enriched the relationship with my child."

 —Rachel L. Harris, journalist

In reading this book, you’re sure to wish Meri Wallace was standing right behind you, guiding you on how to respond effectively as you juggle daily life with your young children and teens. This book is an optimistic and insightful look at child-rearing for the modern era.

 —Tracy Mitchell, producer, Emmy-nominated ABC primetime special, About Us: The Dignity of Children