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Meri Wallace, M.S.W., C.S.W., licensed as a clinical social worker in the State of New York, is the author of Birth Order Blues (Henry Holt & Co., May 1999) and Keys to Parenting Your Four Year Old (Barron's Educational Series, August 1997). She has contributed articles to Discovery Health Online and American Baby. She has been a columnist and advisor for Sesame Street Parents magazine and for Moms Online (Pure Oxygen), and a consultant to Children's Television Workshop. She has been interviewed extensively by New York Newsday, Redbook, Child and Parenting magazines. Ms. Wallace has appeared in and helped design sixteen parenting segments for Eyewitness News, six for Good Day New York and one for Pure Oxygen. She has also appeared on Montel Williams, The Early Show, Fox and Friends, Eyewitness News, Good Day New York, Living It Up with Ali and Jack, The Debra Duncan Show, The Mike Barnacle Show, the Hallmark Channel, the BBC, the Fox Family Channel (with T. Berry Brazelton), and The Rick Sanchez Show. Ms. Wallace is the founder and director of the Heights Center for Adult and Child Development and has been a child and family therapist, parent educator, and school consultant for the past seventeen years.

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About Birth Order Blues

Birth order has a powerful effect upon children's emotions, development, relationships, and school achievement.

You can help your firstborn, youngest, middle child, only child or twin to meet the challenges they face and prevent future problems.

Learn how to:

Help your children to feel more self-confident and loved

What the experts are saying about Birth Order Blues...

Birth Order Blues is insightful, instructive and an addition to our knowledge about the importance of birth order in the sibling relationship. - Nancy Samalin, author of Loving Your Child is Not Enough (1998)

Great advice. A clear, calming voice. Count on Meri Wallace to help you and your family beat the birth order blues. - Susan Lapinski, Editor, Sesame Street Parents

A fascinating insight into the impact birth order has on all of our lives. From firstborns and younger siblings, to twins and only children, to the parents of these, this is a book which will help us both to understand and to manage this influence on our lives. - Susan Hodera, Editor-In-Chief, Big Apple Parent and Queens Parent newspapers.

Birth Order Blues is a long-overdue work that provides significant new insight into who we are from a wonderfully fresh and important perspective. - Emma Joan Morris, Emmy Award winning director of the feature documentary Something Within Me.

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About Keys to Parenting your Four Year Old

Here is an invaluable guide for understanding the exciting world of the four year old: language, emotional, intellectual, motor development, behavior, relationships and first school experiences. This book offers parents answers to their most burning questions, such as:

Learn how to foster positive parent-child communication and have a happier, more self-confident child.

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